w. 21 – w. 37

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10-16
Wednesday: 10-16
Thursday: 10-16
Friday: closed

w. 38 – w. 20

Monday: 13-16
Tuesday: 10-16
Wednesday: 10-16
Thursday: 10-19
Friday: closed

Observe! w. 51-01: closed after 16:00.


We are closed all swedish holidays and the following dates:

18 april, closing at 12 PM

30 april, closing at 12 PM

10 maj closed

29 maj closing at 12 PM

31 maj, closed

5 juni, closing at 12 PM

7 juni, closed

20 juni, closing at 12 PM

21 juni, closed

23–24 december, closed

27 december, closed

30 december, closed

31 december, closed

(Dates are preliminary and changes may occur.)


We are closed all swedish holidays and the following dates:

2 january, closed

9 april, closed

30 april closed

20 maj closing at 12 PM

18 june, closing at 12 PM

21–31 december, closed

1-3 january, closed

(Dates are preliminary and changes may occur.)


Alla allmänna helgdagar är stängda samt följande dagar/tider:

2 januari stängt

9 april stängt

30 april stängt

20 maj stänger kl. 12

18 juni stänger kl. 12

21 december tom. 3 januari stängt

(Observera att denna lista är preliminär. Ändringar och tillägg kan komma att göras i efterhand)

Civil Register Assistance

Normal hours for civil register assistance are: : Monday-Thursday 13.00-15.00  Exceptions can occur. Please telephone our research hall reception for verification when planning to visit us; telephone: 054-701 11 80.

Observe! New opening hours from. week: 21 (2019-05-20)
w. 21 - w. 37 Tuesday – thursday: 13-15

w. 38 - w. 20 Monday – thursay: 13-15


Värmland Archive Center offers exceptional possibilities for finding answers to questions about life in Värmland from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age, by sharing archival access to information on the entire spectrum of its societal sectors, including social organizations, industries and state and municipal governments.

Through the Archive Center, you can learn how individuals lived in their work life and their spare time and how state and municipal authorities administered their public responsibilities. Even though our specialty is the history of Värmland, we also have generous amounts of digitized material in our research hall databases covering the rest of Sweden.

The common task of the Archive Center’s cooperating institutions is to make it easy and natural for the public to access the archives as sources of information and knowledge.

These cooperating institutions are:

Värmlandsarkiv (the regional archives for Värmland County)

Kommunarkivet (the municipal archives for Karlstad)

Värmlands Företagshistoria (the association for Värmland County corporate history archives)

Föreningsarkivet i Värmland (for educational, trade union, athletic, temperance, political, religious and other organizations along with personal archives and special collections)

Regionarkivet (Värmland County Council archives)

We also cooperate closely with the Värmland genealogists’ association.