week 1 – 24, week 36 –  52

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 13-16
Wednesday: 10-16
Thursday: 13-19
Friday: closed

During week 51-01 we close at 16:00 thursdays

w.25 – w.35

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 13-16
Wednesday: 13-16
Thursday: 13-16
Friday: closed

New orders for archive material housed at the Archive Center can be placed no later than one half-hour before closing time (This does not apply to previously ordered material.).


Exception in opening hours


We are closed all swedish holidays and the following dates:

26 january, closed

14 april, closed

25 maj closed from 12.00

23 june closed

23 december – 1 januari 2023, closed

(Dates are preliminary and changes may occur.)


Information concerning the increased spread of infection:
Due to the increasing spread of covid 19 in Sweden, we ask you to consider postponing your visit to the Archive Center until a later time. Our limited visitor hours still apply, but currently we encourage visitors to stay at home.
Keep a safe distance out of respect for your community and fellow citizens!
For more information on the stricter recommendations in Värmland starting November 12, 2020, go to the following link:

Information is available in English there as well as from the Swedish authorities at

Covid 19/Corona is classified as a general and publicly dangerous illness by the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act. We must all help to minimize the risk of spreading infection.

Regarding the Archive Center Värmland and covid 19:

The Archive Center is open (see the current visitor hours below), but we are asking you not to visit us if you have symptoms of a cold, fever or cough out of consideration for others, especially those belonging to risk groups. Wash your hands thoroughly and often and maintain safe distances.

Due to the current situation related to covid 19, the Archive Center will not be open on Thursday evenings for the foreseeable future. The decision has been in effect since week 12.

All program activity, booked showings/tours and planned study visits to the Archive Center are cancelled until further notice.


Värmland Archive Center offers exceptional possibilities for finding answers to questions about life in Värmland from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age, by sharing archival access to information on the entire spectrum of its societal sectors, including social organizations, industries and state and municipal governments.

Through the Archive Center, you can learn how individuals lived in their work life and their spare time and how state and municipal authorities administered their public responsibilities. Even though our specialty is the history of Värmland, we also have generous amounts of digitized material in our research hall databases covering the rest of Sweden.

The common task of the Archive Center’s cooperating institutions is to make it easy and natural for the public to access the archives as sources of information and knowledge.

These cooperating institutions are:

Värmlandsarkiv (the regional archives for Värmland County)

Kommunarkivet (the municipal archives for Karlstad)

Värmlands Företagshistoria (the association for Värmland County corporate history archives)

Föreningsarkivet i Värmland (for educational, trade union, athletic, temperance, political, religious and other organizations along with personal archives and special collections)

Regionarkivet (Värmland County Council archives)

We also cooperate closely with the Värmland genealogists’ association.